want fuller brows that you don't have to fill in every day? camouflaged by Sara is a top Permanent Makeup artist specializing in amazing brow transformations!

Why Choose Camouflaged by Sara?

A Personalized Experience!

We customize every aspect of your permanent makeup to ensure that you leave feeling confident and empowered. Utilizing mathematical measurements and pre-inked string, we hand-design every brow design for perfection.


My job is to enhance your natural beauty and create convenience for you. A little goes a long way! You’ll be surprised at how one session can completely change your morning routine- and your confidence! Together we will enhance your natural beauty and make it shine!

Save Time!

Save time in the morning by waking up with perfect, natural looking brows! Once we finish, you won’t need to spend time shaping or filling in your eyebrows- just wake up and go!

Do you want to:

Save 20 minutes in your morning routine?

Have brows that don’t wipe off at the end of the day or when you come out of the shower?

Have a beautiful new brow shape and gain a new found confidence?

Meet Your Artist Sara




I’m excited you’re considering Permanent Makeup! You are one step closer to saving yourself time in your morning routine, gaining a new found confidence and always being camera ready! As a permanent makeup artist my #1 goal is customer satisfaction. i love being able to help women wake up ready and also gain a new found confidence in themselves! I strive to give each client a personalized, exceptional experience! 

At Camouflaged by Sara You can trust in an artist that is:

  • A Licensed body art practioner
  • Certified in Microblading, powder brows & lip blush
  • blood borne pathogen and cpr certified
  • fully insured and permitted as a body art establishment by the board of health
  • 7 yrs prior background in radiology as an mri technologist

Check out what my past clients have to say about their experience below!


130 Centre St. Danvers Building B-01

Danvers, MA 01923

Are you ready to ditch your brow pencil for good? You can wake up READY every day with beautiful brows that don’t wipe off! Inquire today how how you can save $100 OFF!