Permanent Eyebrows in Boston, MA

Permanent makeup, sometimes referred to as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is a groundbreaking cosmetic procedure that includes the permanent pigmentation of the dermis. Colored natural pigments are inserted into the skin’s dermal layer to produce this effect. It creates clear, makeup-like patterns. Permanent makeup techniques focus on the eyebrows and lips. A trained permanent makeup artist, like Sara, can help you achieve the incredible results you’re after.

Permanent Eyebrows in Danvers, MA

Powder Brows in Boston, MA

We are the leading provider of permanent eyebrows in Danvers! You may say goodbye to pencils with our cutting-edge treatment for permanent eyebrow tattoos. Our permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure is the most effective way to give sparse, over-waxed, over-plucked or thinning eyebrows the illusion of thickness, and the results last anywhere from one to three years. With permanent eyebrow makeup techniques, you’ll never have to worry about your brows smearing or losing form again. This is perfect for establishing that natural appearance our clients desire.

Microblading in Danvers, MA

Microblading Boston MA

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows. While the most well-known procedure when it comes to permanent brow cosmetics, it is also one that is more invasive, and less preferred overall with individuals. There are also more limitations in place for those who can actually successfully have the treatment done. At Camouflaged by Sara, we perform the technique called Powder Brows, which is much safer, less invasive, and overall, a much better approach for beautiful, lasting brows.

Powder Brows in Danvers, MA

Best Eyebrows Boston MA

Powder brows, also known as powder brow tattoos or shaded brows, is a permanent eyebrow beautification treatment in which the artist uses a tattoo machine to introduce specific ink pigments into the top layers of the skin using the dotting method, or pixelization. Powder Brows is great for every skin type, is minimally invasive, and lasts longer than that of the common Microblading (or micropigmentation) technique. 

Lip blush is a permanent cosmetic technique that is taking the beauty industry by storm. Essentially, it’s a lip cosmetic tattoo that improves the natural attractiveness of the lip colour while also enhancing the form, adding definition, and creating the illusion of fullness (natural lip shape). With permanent lip colour enhancement, you may have the lips you want without having to keep applying glosses and balms. The colour and fullness of human lips can fade fast. This problem can be solved with permanent lip makeup. The pigment is applied to the patient’s lips to give them a fuller, more natural look than that of cosmetic products.

Lip Neutralization in Danvers, MA

Lip Neutralization Boston MA

Dark Lip Neutralization is the term for a cosmetic tattoo procedure that is used on customers who have a cool/dark natural base undertone (the colour of their lips). Before increasing the colour to the preferred outcome, the cold undertone must first be converted to a neutral tone. This service delivers very natural results once healed.

Saline Permanent Makeup Removal in Danvers, MA

microblading eyebrows boston

We are pleased to provide cosmetic tattoo lightening/removal using the LI-FT saline solution. For cosmetic tattoos, LI-FT is a safe and efficient technique to lighten and/or remove undesired colour. High Salt Concentrate, Orange Seed Extract, Lemon Seed Extract, Aloe Vera, and Sterile Water are all found in LI-FT. To lighten or fully erase previously tattooed brows, many treatments may be necessary.

Teeth Whitening in Danvers, MA

Teeth Whitening Boston MA(1)

When it comes to teeth whitening, we utilize a peroxide-based, plant-based solution with no preservatives at our studio. For a total appointment duration of about 1 hour and 15 minutes, this agent is triggered by a light. As a consequence, your smile will be 5-10 shades whiter!

Danvers Permanent Makeup FAQS

Permanent makeup, thankfully, has a long duration. Permanent makeup can last anywhere from three to five years each treatment, which translates to three to five years of simple everyday beauty!

So, why has ombré powder brow become the next big thing compared to Microblading? 

Here are a few reasons why:


Ombré powder brows are created using a tiny machine that uses an airbrush or shading method to spread extremely fine dots of colour evenly into and over the skin. Microblading is a technique that involves cutting incisions or minor cuts into the skin with a hand instrument.


Ombré powder brows are less uncomfortable than microblading because of the airbrush-like method we use, which causes less damage to the skin.


Although results vary depending on lifestyle, health, skin type, tastes, and other factors, a single ombré powder brows treatment using high-quality pigments can last up to 2-3 years on average. Microblading, on the other hand, is more likely to heal blotchy, spotty, or with blurred strokes, necessitating more frequent touch-ups, causing greater long-term wearing and strain on the skin, and soon exhausting the skin’s lifespan capacity.


Unlike microblading, which is not appropriate for oily skin, powder brows are acceptable for all skin types. Microblading on oily skin necessitates numerous touch-ups, resulting in greater skin damage.

Absolutely! Here are some of the benefits of our permanent lip procedure.

  • Long-lasting lip color.
  • Increased pigmentation for pale and aging lips.
  • The ability to customize your lip shade.
  • Fuller-looking lips without the need for injectables or surgery.

Microblading, ombre powder brows, and permanent eyebrow tattoos costs start at $600, depending on where you go and whether or not you have to pay a consultation fee.

Are you in search of permanent makeup near you in Danvers? Camouflaged by Sara Permanent Makeup Studio is the right choice when you’re looking for the best permanent makeup artist in your area. Book your appointment with us today!

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