Paramedical Tattooing in Massachusetts

Paramedical Tattooing in Massachusetts

Paramedical Tattooing in Massachusetts

Peramedical Tattoo in Boston - Danvers - Salem MA

Our goal is to Help bring confidence back in your life! When it comes to scars, stretch marks, and other similar skin related issues, we understand the kind of emotional toll our client’s may be going through. At Camouflaged by Sara Permanent Makeup Studio, we will create the proper custom treatment plan for your exact needs and desired outcome. Through the use of these amazing service’s we can work together to help you feel confident in the skin you’re in! 

Brazillion Camouflage Tattooing Technique


With this method, pigment is precisely combined to perfectly match your skin tone. The Brazilian Camouflage Tattooing technique allows stretch marks, scars  and other skin  imperfections that lack pigment/color to be precisely camouflaged to the surrounding skin color. 

Sara has been trained by Master Brazilian based Artist & Trainer Fernanda Jaffre, one of the World’s best Camouflage Tattoo Artists. Sara is bringing this cutting edge technique to the Boston, Massachusetts area! 

Scar Camouflage Tattoo

We can help with:

  • Burn Scars 
  • Surgery Scars
  • Plastic Surgery Scars
  • Injury Scars
  • Acne Scar Treatment
  • Hypopigmented skin (Vitiligo)


Scar revision or scar treatment is a form of paramedical tattoo that can reduce the appearance of scars by adding pigments (colors) to the skin. When examined more closely, normal skin is a mix of skin tones, not uniform in color.  At Camouflaged by Sara, we use a special color blending technique that attempts to capture the skin’s natural color patterns. This individualized tattoo process adds pigments matched specifically to your skin tone, allowing the scar to blend with the surrounding skin. This results in  an overall reduction of the scar’s appearance.  

It is important to recognize that most  scars are typically permanent and may not become completely invisible. Scars can be different in shape,  color, size and location and may require multiple treatments for the most optimal result. Results are generally cumulative and may take 30-45 days to fully develop. 

Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo

Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo in Boston - Danvers - Salem MA

Am I a good candidate?

If your stretch marks are at least two years old and lighter than your skin tone, we can help! It’s time to give your skin the smooth and even appearance you desire!

What are Stretch Marks?

Think of your skin as a basket weave. As we literally stretch out, the skin pulls that weave apart, and we are left with what feels and looks like an indentation in our skin. A stretch mark happens because there is a disruption in the skin’s natural pattern. In other words,  the basketweave has an irregularity and is no longer smooth. 

Why do I have them?

An estimated 80% of women have stretch marks, and they can be a result of several things, such as the abdomen stretching during pregnancy, a growth spurt during puberty (upward or out), weight gain, and even building muscle too fast. In other words, almost everyone can and will get them. Models, teens, moms, and even men.  Studies have even shown they can be hereditary! 

What is the Stretch Mark Camouflage?

A solution is finally here! Our Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo is designed to hide your stretch marks. We custom blend mineral-based tattoo pigments that perfectly match to your skin  tone, appearing to resurface the skin, and making the stretch mark virtually disappear! The results can last up to 8-10 years! This treatment is perfect for all skin tones- yellows, reds, oranges, browns or grays. All ethnicities and skin tones are welcome!

Inkless Stretch Mark Camouflage/Removal

Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo in Boston - Danvers - Salem MA

This Technique is currently the most aggressive and effective treatment that reduces the texture and appearance of stretch marks naturally. Our technique is used to treat all kinds of stretch marks no matter how long you have had them and involves using a combination of our very own Serum blend of organic oils and vitamins and microscopic needles to penetrate each individual stretch mark. This in turn helps boost collagen and activate our melanin found in the skin to bring back our own natural pigment. Because we are using natural serums, the results are permanent as long as you do not gain weight or new stretch marks in that area.

Our Inkless Technique is similar to a medical camouflage tattoo except, instead of using skin tone pigments on the skin, we use a variety of serums, oils, and vitamins to deposit into each stretch mark to help reduce and remove their appearance. This is an alternative to putting ink into your skin and a more natural approach. Unlike other treatments such as lotions, scrubs, lasers and more, our Inkless Technique stimulates the skin to produce collagen – a naturally occurring protein that provides structure to the skin and other body areas. If you would like to reduce/remove your stretch marks we recommend the Inkless Technique as your first treatment! 

Inkless Technique can also help to improve the appearance of dark/textures surgical scars! 

Results from one Treatment of Inkless Stretch Mark Camouflage

One Session Inkless Technique
One Session Inkless Technique
One Session Inkless Technique
One Session Inkless Technique
One Session Inkless Technique
Stretch Mark Treatment
scar lightening
red inkless


Results from one treatment of Ink Stretch Mark Camouflage

ink 2


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FAQS for Paramedical Tattoos

Am I a Good Candidate?

Scar and stretch mark camouflaging is ideal for:

  • Everyone over the age of 18
  • NOT pregnant  or Breastfeeding
  • NOT  diabetic
  • NOT prone to hyperpigmentation or have issues with keloid scarring 
  • Scars & Stretch Marks  must be at least 2 years old for the ink camouflage technique

What to Avoid Prior to an Appointment

  • Aspirin or ibuprofen 24-48 hours prior to your appointment
  • Alcohol, caffeine, blood thinner 24 hours before your appointment
  • Fish oil or vitamin e one week prior to your appointment (they are natural blood thinners)
  • No antibiotics 20 days before & 40 days after

what to Avoid After an Appointment

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing for the first 2 – 3 days
  • Avoid scratching or peeling to prevent infection or discoloration
  • Avoid excessive sweating for 7 days. Moderate exercise is fine after 7 days of the treatment
  • Avoid exposing the area to the full water pressure of the shower for 7 days
  • Avoid tanning and swimming (beach, pool, jacuzzi, bath, etc.) For 40 days. Stick to a quick rinse in the shower
  • Avoid perfume and deodorant near or in the treated area

When Will I see Results

30-60 days after your initial treatment. You should have a reliable visible indication of your final result. After the procedure, you may experience some mild irritation, redness and swelling, which can last up to one week. During the third week, the treated area will slightly get darker. Do not panic! It is healing. Once this has subsided, you will begin to see the result of your treatment.

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Meet your Artist!

Hello, and Welcome! My name is Sara and I am a licensed and certified cosmetic tattoo artist. I have a background in Radiology/MRI and a love
for enhancing natural beauty which led me to opening my studio Camouflaged by Sara.

I have always had an artistic side and I even taught myself Calligraphy, which I believe helped tattooing feel natural to me! 

I am able to allow my client’s to “wake up with makeup”  and they always tell me they wish they would have made the decision sooner! I take the
ability to make a woman feel beautiful in her own skin seriously and there is nothing better than seeing the  look on a client’s face when they first see their new brows.

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