Best Eyebrows Microblading Services In Massachusetts, Boston

microblading eyebrows bostonLooking for beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows for your everyday look? Visit the leading studio –  Camouflaged By Sara, located in Massachusetts, Boston, and get the best microblading services for your eyebrows.

Our experienced microblading technicians are trained to deliver the top-notch service at the most affordable prices that are easy on your wallet.

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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique providing a complete solution to thinning, over threaded, and over waxed brows.

It is a manual technique of implanting special pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) to get the appearance of fuller brows. It enhances your eyebrows and gives you a natural, full eyebrow shape. It includes

  • Scars on the eyebrows
  • Mimic fullness in the sparse areas
  • Shape correction
  • Eyebrows touch up
  • Uneven or yellow skin patch
  • and much more.

It is the best way to completely reconstruct the shape of your eyebrows, especially when you don’t have natural brows. We provide licensed, certified, and highly skilled microblading and permanent makeup artists in Massachusetts, Boston.

Benefits Of Microblading

  • It is a very safe procedure.
  • It gives natural-looking brow to those who are suffering from skin diseases like alopecia or have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.
  • It is semi-permanent, so it does not smear or smudge off with daily lifestyle.
  • You need only one session, which will take only 1 ½ hour (sometimes two in some exceptional cases).
  • We use a healthy numbing cream to make it a virtually pain-free procedure.
  • Based on the various environmental factors such as sun exposure, skin type, skin color, etc. an ideal microblading lasts for 1-3 years.
  • You’ll save a reasonable amount of time while getting ready in the morning.
  • Unlike a permanent tattoo, the pigments of microblading do not change color. It only loses saturation over time, which required only touch-up

If you’re looking for a professional microblading service at a reasonable cost in Massachusetts, Boston, feel free to call Camouflaged By Sara at (781) 888-4861 or book your appointment by writing at CAMOUFLAGEDBYSARA@GMAIL.COM.