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Hello, and Welcome! My name is Sara and I am a licensed and certified cosmetic tattoo artist. I have a background in Radiology/MRI and a love
for enhancing natural beauty which led me to opening my studio Camouflaged by Sara.

I have always had an artistic side and I even taught myself Calligraphy, which I believe helped tattooing feel natural to me! 

I am able to allow my client’s to “wake up with makeup”  and they always tell me they wish they would have made the decision sooner! I take the
ability to make a woman feel beautiful in her own skin seriously and there is nothing better than seeing the  look on a client’s face when they first see their new brows.

Camouflaged by Sara Permanent Makeup

Camouflaged by Sara Permanent Makeup Studio

130 Centre St, Danvers, MA 01923, United States

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