Which permanent makeup technique is right for me?


Not sure which brow technique is best for you? Did you know that traditional Microblading is only suitable for less then 24% of the population’s skin types. It’s not the only technique that exists! It is important to choose the best option for you in the long run not just what looks good immediately after it’s done! Read on to learn more about your options! 

Microblading: Best for dry/normal skin. This technique mimics hairlike strokes that are placed into the skin with a tiny blade attached to a hand tool. The ink is placed into the skin through tiny cuts. The result is a lighter, more realistic effect. With oily or combination skin there can be issues with ink retention. It is also important to understand that over time Microblading alone may not be the best option. During yearly color boosts it is almost impossible to touch up each original stroke in the same exact spot. Because of this over time microbladed strokes can blur together, especially if not placed with enough space between each stroke. In the long run with continuous touch ups microblading may blur into what looks more like a powder brow! This technique can also lead to scarring of the skin if not done properly. This technique may last 1-2 years. 

Powder brow: Suitable for all ages/skin types-especially oily, large pores, sun damaged and mature skin. A small 2mm needle powered by a machine is used to deposit semi-permanent ink. This technique appears bold at first but heals about 30-40% lighter to a powdery make-up like finish. It can be customized for each client from a natural look to a more bolder look. This technique gives great depth and definition to the brow. This technique will last up to 3 years depending on lifestyle and after-care. 

Micro-shading/Combo brow: This technique is the best of both worlds. It combines the definition and density of machine shading with the hair-like texture of microblading for a more realistic look. If you have oily skin and love the look of microblading this is a great option for you! This technique will last up to 3 years depending on lifestyle and after-care.